The Moon Is In My Room!

This incredible Glimmer Galaxy Moon Lamp is one of our best selling products, and for good reason –  this incredible which produces an ultra realistic model of the moon. Perfect for introducing soft lighting on your bedside table or coffee table, or simply on a shelf as a decorative light.

glimmer galaxy moon lamp

This enchanting and authentic Glimmer Galaxy Moon Lamp is a true piece of art, as a 3D model with the light turned off, the exterior of the lamp is unremarkable and minimalist. But when the room is dark and you switch it on, the lamp takes on a whole new life and the detail behind the 3D printing process is impressively displayed.

glimmer galaxy moon lamp

glimmer galaxy moon lamp

The moon lamp comes in a number of sizes, from 3 to 7 inches, to suit all spaces and budgets. For a truly head-turning display, decorators can choose a number of different sizes to place together to illuminate their home in style. It also comes with a wooden base which is easily assembled to display the lamp in a lounge room or on a bedside table.

With 16 different color choices and controlled by a touch button at the base (or top) of the lamp - simply press and hold the touch button to dim or brighten the light to suit your mood. 

glimmer galaxy moon lamp

This is one of the most unique lamps we have in our collection, and it's no surprise that when we first released this lamp it was so popular. Space themed decor is a trend that is taking over homes across the globe, and what better accent to give to a room than an actual replica of the moon!

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