What is a Ring Light and Why Do I Need One?

What is a Ring Light?

A Ring Light is a user-friendly lighting device that has become the standard for professionals in photography, videography, and other fields such as makeup, acting and beauty services.
It contains a donut shaped panel of multiple LED lights encased behind a filter. The hole in the middle allows for your phone or camera to be mounted, and is the only option on the market for shooting completely in the centre of your lighting- a technique which provides unparalleled brightness and clarity to your subject.

How Do I Use a Ring Light?

Ring lights have been designed to be easy to set-up and take on the go, for both amateurs and professionals. Here at the Glimmering Store all of our Ring Lights come with everything you need to start using your Ring Light immediately- with no need to purchase multiple confusing accessories. Simply unfold your stand, screw on your Ring Light, plug in, and go! We also include a padded bag for ease of travel and storage. When you’re done, just unplug your Ring Light, remove the Ring Light head from the stand, and pack it all away. 

How Are Ring Lights Powered?

Ring Lights can either be powered by a cable plugged into the mains, by re-chargeable batteries, or by USB. We carry the most popular options- ring lights with USB cables, so no matter where you need a ring light, there’s an option for you.

Why Do I Need a Ring Light?

Makeup artists, actors, photographers, lash technicians, teeth whitening specialists, tattooists, content creators- the list of professionals who use a Ring Light on a daily basis goes on and on. If you need a bright, crisp, adjustable, portable lighting solution then a Ring Light is for you. 

With the ability to change light temperature and brightness to suit any environment, a fully adjustable neck from an upright to a 90 degree position, multiple points to mount your phone and camera, and the option to mount on a 2 metre stand or set-up on your table top- Glimmer Ring Lights truly are the most versatile, user friendly, and convenient option for your lighting needs.

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