Glimmer Ring Lights

Glimmer Pro Ring Lighting provides the best lighting to create your finest creative content! Our professional ring lights ensure that everything in front of your lens "pop", which is what makes all your videos and photos stand out! 
To showcase your best makeup work, take stunning photos in your studio, create a course/youtube video or even enhance the overall look of your salon, Glimmer GlowPro Ring Lighting is a must!


The GlowPro Clip-On Ring Light

glimmer glowpro clip-on ring light

Our USB powered Glimmer GlowPro Desk Clip-On Ring Light with cell phone holder features a range of adjustable lighting controls, so you can easily increase or decrease the brightness, or adjust the temperature of the light from a cool to warm glow! 

The Glimmer GlowPro Desk Clip-On Ring Light also features a smart-phone mount, which is perfect for videos, live-streaming and close up shots of detailed work. 

Perfect for:

• Hands Free Video Chats/Meetings
• Close up Content Creation
• Live Streaming
• Selfies and Social Media Videos
• Use as a Nightstand Light & Charging Dock
• Makes a Great Gift!

Works with ALL Smartphones, In Portrait & Landscape Modes.


The GlowPro 10" Ring Light

glimmer glowpro 10 inch ring light


Imagine having the perfect lighting, position and angle for your videos or pictures. Never before has the idea of creating a course, starting an online store or growing a youtube channel has been so popular - but what is it that separates one content creator from the next? 

The ability to produce high quality content with great lighting! This is EXACTLY what you will find with our Adjustable 10" LED Ring Lighttripod with a bluetooth self-timer controller.

Perfect for:

• Great Studio/Salon Lighting
• Youtube Video Content Creation
• Product/Professional Photography
• Makes a Great Gift!

Works with ALL Smartphones, In Portrait & Landscape Modes.


What are you waiting for? More dull, boring photos and videos? Get Your Glimmer GlowPro Ring Light Today!